Lighttwist est un logiciel qui permet de gérer une installation multi-projecteurs sur des écrans planaires et non planaires. Afin de créer un environnement immersif d’un haut niveau de réalisme, il traite les images, les séquences vidéo ou le 3D pour compenser les déformations et irrégularités de l’écran de projection perçues par l’observateur. Lighttwist permet également la synchronisation des images avec des bandes sonores réparties sur plusieurs haut-parleurs.



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  1. Dear Linux enthusiasts,

    Please see my idea about the Immersive Environment Instrument.

    I am the artist who will use your code!

    I use Ubuntu on all my pro graphics design.
    However, I have had to use a Mac for my projections – Isadora.

    See my site for info on my upcoming Brooklyn show

    Please subscribe to my list so you can be notified of the URL to watch
    The stream will be live, so it will occur the same time as the
    concert. Information on my site.

    Warm Regards,

    Victoria Gibson
    Integrated Media Artist, Curator

  2. « Holly Scott », that looks awesome….

    I’m working with SpeedDreams (an open source car race simulation) to allow it to display nicely on super wide (multi-projector) setups. The game normally displays full screen (across whatever screens you have tiled), and you can split this area down into split screens (‘(‘ and ‘)’ keys) to allow multiple player/views on single PC.

    Although still in development, the SVN version has the ‘Span Split’ option, in which multiple split screens (one for each projector) will be used to display a single view and the image will be compensated for ’tilt in’ of the monitors/projection screen. The ‘bezel compensation’ option allows either for placing a gap between the views (ie. for monitor setup) or cause the views to overlap (ie. for projector setup).

    I’d be _really_ interested if this can work with your code, hopefully this description grabs your interest. I only have 1 projector so would have difficulty testing it…


    PS. The demo video won’t download, seems to have a permissions problem.

  3. Can you please tell me more about the player, or is there information online I missed. I’m looking for a 4Kx4K fulldome playback system with two 4K projectors and two high end workstations driving them, each doing 4Kx2K (approximately) and an edge blended down the middle.

    ps: the avi movie on the Lighttwist web page is missing

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